Posted by: hdroppert | April 29, 2012

Call For Help!

Before I go asking for favors, I want to thank you all for the incredible support thus far of my Peace Corps service. Sometimes it is the only thing that keeps me going!

Now for that favor….

Through the Peace Corps Partnerships Program (PCPP), I have designed a project along with my clinic staff and community members that can be funded with the help of all you wonderful people back home!


The goal is to implement a multifaceted comprehensive clinic improvement project to make the CSPS of Bapla a cleaner, healthier, more attractive, productive and efficient operation. All of the improvements will help work towards improving our communities’ major health issues which are: high rates of malaria, child (0-5 year olds) mortality, poor hygiene, elevated malnutrition and low rates of family planning usage.

The major physical changes will be the addition of 2 facilities: 1 is a consultation room devoted only to clients 0-5 years old. 2nd is the construction of a gazebo-like pavilion that will be used for health awareness discussions, nutritional consultations and baby weighings. Around these structures we will be planting trees whose vitamin-rich leaves can be used by villagers to improve the nutritional value of their meals. We will also be digging “lost wells” which provide drainage for areas of standing water (particularly bad during the upcoming rainy season) that are breeding havens for mosquitoes. The grant will allow us to finally install mosquito screens in the infirmary and maternity to protect the sick and newly born from vicious malaria carriers. Along with the clinic’s directional committee, I will build handwashing stations and teach members how to fabricate their own liquid and hard soap to encourage better hygiene practices. Also, with this money we will be able to electrify the clinic so that emergency nighttime consultations no longer need to be completed by flashlight.

On top of all these physical changes, we will use the new pavilion structure to hold a series of trainings for over 20 community health agents from 8 different villages on the following topics: malaria prevention, best child nutrition practices, family planning options and benefits and hygienic living. The villagers trained will embark on their own awareness campaigns in their specific villages to pass on this information to the nearly 12,000 people serviced by Bapla’s clinic.

Now I need your help to make this all become a reality. CLICK THIS LINK  to make a tax-deductible donation that will help me help my Burkinabé community. If you are interested in more information do not hesitate to contact me or my parents.

Thank you for your continued support! Follow along for updates on the progression of this undertaking!



  1. Awesome project!

  2. Hayley Anne, you are simply amazing. We will be excited to follow the progress and assist with this project completion. Thank you for your service and I love you to death.
    I love the photos

  3. Hayley-What a worthwhile project for your village. We’ve been keeping track of your work through your blog and your parents-what a dedicated young woman you are! We know you’ll have continued success with your journey.
    Meredith, Dave, Charlie, and Lauren Kenyon

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