Posted by: hdroppert | May 13, 2012

THANK YOU! Construction’s starting…..

All of you who donated or intended to donate, thank you thank you. The contributions you have made are incredible and there is nothing I can really say to express my gratitude for your support.

So I will have to show you: My village has already gotten started on their 30% contribution. Each of the 8 villages served by my clinic made hundreds of bricks going into building the new children’s consultation room. Construction has already begun!



  1. Congratulations!! Must be so great to actually watch it happen. Looks like quite the project. I will be excited to see it in person when I visit. Should I make some curtains? 🙂
    Love you sweetheart,


  2. Nice work! They are sure to appreciate it for years to come. Especially since they are making it themselves.These pix are great. Please keep them coming.



  3. Has to be gratifying to create a tangible resource for the village. Truely a ‘legacy gift’. Very much approve of requiring the village to invest their resources in helping create the facility. They have to be thrilled. Take lots of photos and include them in future blogs. Say ‘hi’ to the Ambassador for all of us! gena

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