Posted by: hdroppert | September 20, 2012

Mom’s notes from the field

My mom’s visit was wonderful but no one can say it better than her. Plus I am nearing the end and my jaded-ness is at an all time high. Mom knows best anyways:

“Being in country with Hayley was so fun as I met her friends who are Peace Corps Volunteers at different sites and in different jobs. Most interesting and inspirational was being in her village for a week, meeting her wonderful family there and feeling the closeness and caring they have for her. I was also able to observe the mutual respect that she has established. The other fabulous part was going to the clinic and seeing the mother’s with their babies waiting for the baby weighing and vaccinations. This was occuring in the very buiiding Hayley had helped fund and build. She was so pleased to see it actually being used in the way she had envisioned. I was able to help weigh the babies and measure their little arms to check for malnutrition which meant holding lots of them- Yes!!! Riding bikes to the marches and sharing dolo with the villagers was a highlight. They are so welcoming and offer food and drink. Despite the lack of clean running water and electricity, there is not blatant disease or sadness and the people seem happy. The family and friend connection is very strong and allows everyone to belong to a community- whether that is a tribe, a village, a school or a group. They need one another to exist and are so sharing and generous with one another. Seeing Hayley’s relationships with the community members and her peers made me smile. My trying to speak French -or better yet Dagara- made them smile :)”





  1. Beautiful souls, all! Thank you!
    The color is stunning!

  2. Beautiful! Hayley, we are all looking forward to seeing you soon! hugs,


    Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:53:11 +0000 To:

  3. We are all so proud of you and your amazing accomplishments.

  4. I just loved those babies, the fried caterpillars- not so much!

  5. Fantastic pictures, I see the pure joy in Beth’s eyes. It’s amazing!

  6. Thanks for sharing, ladies! Love the photos. Now it seems like the visit was short. You two might remember this time fondly because of all the time you had to truly connect–the most precious gift, in my opinion.

    Finish line in Sight.

  7. I loved the photos Haley ! You can feel the joy & what an experience !!! what a blessing you are

  8. My sister is amazing—-no wonder her daughter is too. Loved the pics—–beauty in all the faces. Love you, Gail

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