Posted by: hdroppert | October 19, 2012


Last week a few friends and I set out on a little adventure, the last that 2 of us would have in this country. I have some of the best stories and memories from bike excursions that I have taken with other volunteers “en brousse”, off the grid. Kate (who is leaving with me next month), Evan, Mckenna (who both have a year to go) and I set out for a rural village skirting the edge of Mali.

There is something incredibly thrilling about going somewhere you know so few westerners have gone before you. It felt like our little secret, the sort of place you really have to fight to get there which makes it all the more special. This feeling was only curbed a little by the French documentary-maker who we ran into at the campsite…..

We had a wonderful time: Biked over 120 kilometers. Roasted hot dogs over a campfire (and then doused them in salsa because we had no other condiments). Talked. Scaled waterfalls. Found swimming holes. Trudged through rice paddies. Drank really cold beer. Biked. Made some friends. Made some children cry. Talked some more. Saw a traditional cliff dwelling village. Hiked in the beating sun. Climbed up the biggest cliffs in Burkina. Dropped-jaw at the best views this country has to offer. Laughed. Didn’t cry, thankfully. Got bit up by mosquitoes. Mostly, we enjoyed each others company.

Only a little over 1 month left for me in Burkina!



  1. I love seeing you with these great friends (who I met when I was there 🙂 but I am in awe of the beauty. I did not see this part of the country and am so glad you found it. What a haven and looks like you enjoyed it!! I love you and can’t wait to have you home. Share your self with as many as you can in the time you have left. You are special XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. What a beautiful experience in a beautiful place. You will be missed by many there as you have been here. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Hi Hayley. I echo your Mama’s comments completely. Your photos show the intensity of the beauty and the bonding you must have with the locals and the volunteers. I cannot wait to hear of the amazing legacy you will leave and the indelible print that this experience has left on you. Hugs.
    Thank you for the updates! xxoo

  4. As usual your pictures are beautiful, and tell an amazing story. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Love the smiles on everyone’s faces. I am curious about the clay things that look like little BBQs. Thanks for sharing. I feel refreshed just by seeing the photos. I’ll think about you in South Africa at Thanksgiving.

  6. Hi Hayley,

    Wow! What a beautiful adventure. I can only imagine… Glad you are having fun and getting to explore and staying safe!

    Love you and can’t wait to see you!



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