About Me

My name is Hayley Droppert; I’m a Seattle native and 2010 graduate from Tufts University. From October 2010-December 2012, I will be working for the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso. Studying International Relations and Community Health as an undergrad has set me up to become a community health development worker while in BF. Follow my adventures in photos and words here!



  1. Hayley Dear. We look forward to following your journey and adventures. We also want to support however we can. How about a running wish list for care packages. Love you my twin daughter. We will miss you! Stay safe! Jecca

  2. Hi Haley,
    Book recommendation from Lex – “Admission” by Jean Hanff Korelit. A fun read. Will stay in touch.
    Love, Aunt Joan

  3. I guess you arrived in Burkina yesterday… or maybe today? We admire you for taking on this challenge! We hope the first hours in your new adventure are exciting and inspiring. As I’m sure you’ve learned by now, many people are happy in miserable environments, and many people are miserable in wonderful environments… given your wonderful attitude, I’m sure this will be a very positive experience for you, and that you will make great contributions to the lucky community in which you find yourself in the coming months. We’re thinking of you often, and we’ll be in touch for sure! Love, Carol and Stéphane

  4. Just read everything and I love it.

    I miss you!!!!!

  5. Hi Hayley
    So glad to hear you have arrived at your site, and in time for Christmas—what you wanted. Hope you have a wonderful celebration. I am thinking about you all the time and saying prayers that you will stay healthy and be safe.

    Sorry about your puppy. You will find the one that was meant to be yours.

    Aunt Gail

  6. Hello Haley!

    I feel it is an honor to know you, what you are doing takes an amazing person!
    I am really glad you were able to be at Stacy and my wedding!

    I have been sent on a mission by your family, and I need some information from you!

    if you send me the models of all the items you want to charge via electricity, Laptop, phone etc. and what the nearest golf course to you may be,(I think there is one in the capitol), I have designed a system to provide you with free electricity!

    Andrew (Stacy’s Husband)

  7. Haley,

    I just signed up for email notification of new posts to your blog. I really enjoyed reading what is currently posted. Your mum and I are attending an event together next week. Event Information:
    Join our distinguished guest, Elizabeth Abu-Haydar, for an evening of discussion while dining at a private table in Seattle.

    Elizabeth Abu-Haydar is a Program Officer with PATH who leads maternal and child health projects and HIV and AIDS prevention projects within the Technology Solutions team. Ms. Abu-Haydar will share her experiences in leading important public health efforts across the globe, and then will open the conversation to a discussion with the attendees. This Global Leader Dinner promises to be an intimately engaging evening!

    Ms. Abu-Haydar conducts research on topics related to maternal and neonatal health technologies, medical devices, immunization-related technologies, and international public health issues. A major focus of her work is introducing and evaluating health technologies and associated systems for developing-country health delivery programs. dinner with…


  8. Haley, I’ll be in Burkina for 5 weeks starting in August. I’ll be staying in Bereba, which is a couple of hours away, but I could probably get away for day to where you are. It would be cool to see you if you would like a visitor!

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