Why PC?

The following poem is a pretty good sumation of why I decided to do the Peace Corps and my attitude….

It would be dishonest to pretend
that I went because I wanted to turn the desert into a garden
or to realize dreams that were thousands of years old.
I went because it was different,
because I wanted to go,
because it was a road that might have an end.
I knew I would not stay forever;
I never thought of tying my future to this newness;
I knew I would take the road back one day,
but perhaps carryng with me a particle of the night’s silence,
or the day’s honesty.

— adapted from the book “Dust” by Yael Dayan



  1. So beautiful and true!

  2. You are truly amazing and I look forward to your updates!

  3. What an honor to see all you have done and the impact you make in people’s lives. I am thinking of you!

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